Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking the risk.

I tell myself to take a breath,
and think before I speak.
But that's my exact problem.
I say too much, just makes me look weak.

I can't wait for the day where games no longer satisfy.
When people are with you because they want to be,
when you trust them because you believe them.
When security outweighs the question.

Chances are meant for taking.
Life is meant for living.
We chase death to cheat it, don't we?
Voluntarily jumping out of a plane,
Voluntarily giving a part of yourself to someone,
not knowing if you'll ever get that part back.
It's all the same, is it not?

I'd rather be filled with emotions whether they are beautiful or dark.
Because at least that's a reminder that I was feeling something in the first place.
Emptiness is not strong.
It does not make you strong to not feel.
It means you're alone.

It's okay to be reckless, 
it's okay to let your guard down.
Live and learn to love, 
or in your emptiness you will drown. 

Risks are for the reckless. For the Fearless.

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